Marvell 88nv1120 Game Over SSD data recovery, interesting data recovery case

these days we have recovery many Game Over SSD. we got another interesting Marvell Game Over SSD today. it was tried by others data recovery company. look on fault marvell SSD, it has number marking by pencil at per flash chip. i guess previous data recovery company trying to chip-off read data from nand flash for data recovery unsuccess. plug fault SSD into data recovery equipment and diagnostic found it doesn’t match with what client said”Game Over “ status. it doesn’t working at all looks like circuit board was shorted. hm…. that’s worst things. since nand flash chip was off before, we had to check more things for correctly diagnostic which part make it shorted.

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1. we trust our diagnostic report only. please tell us full story of case and why can’t recovery in previous data recovery. we will make decision case worth for try to data recovery or not. 2. our equipment suppprt your case model or not that’s may not the point. we had to diagnostic with your case details.